Problem Statement:
The way Wisconsin has tried to alleviate homelessness hasn't worked. In many communities, people continue to encounter barriers to housing, thus we are experiencing a significant drain in economic and community resources, amplifying public health and social welfare costs. Permanent housing ends homelessness and it is the foundation for a strong community.

The Housing First Coalition strives to end homelessness by advocating for and supporting effective, sound policies and practices that promote the Housing First philosophy. 

Every person and family will have safe, affordable housing and the appropriate social supports to pursue success through personal wellness and self-determination.

What is Housing First?
The Housing First philosophy endorses low-barrier entry into housing, client choice in services and housing options, the freedom for clients to move at their own pace and to offer a system of supports to meet client needs. Residents are paired with case management for motivation and support as they address the issues most important to the resident including behavioral health care, primary health care, income acquisition, social and community inclusion, and personal wellness.

The Housing First Coalition believes that all people have a right to individualized permanent housing solutions that help them meet success. It accomplishes this through education, support, and collaboration at the agency, county, and state levels.

What We Do:
The Housing First Coalition brings together agencies that directly or indirectly support those who might experience homelessness. We bring in experts to encourage that agencies who provide services to those experiencing homelessness are doing so with the Housing First philosophy. We provide technical assistance to help agencies embrace Housing First. And we educate policy and decision makers on what is needed to use Housing First to end homelessness.