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Read "Opportunity Starts At Home" by the NLIHC

The Housing First paradigm asserts that in order to end homelessness, homeless people need housing. First and foremost, we focus on housing. With the stability of housing, people can address the issues that initially lead to their homelessness.

Case managers meet with Housing First residents to connect them to employment, mental health care, addiction treatment or primary health care. They work with residents in the community and support them as they complete applications for disability benefits, employment, access to transportation, etc. House First advocates low barrier access to housing in combination with wraparound services to support housing stability.

And it works! Using Housing First is reducing homelessness. People are staying housed  and improving their lives through increased adherence to treatment, increased income, and positive communty engagement.

Studies show that Housing First is more cost-effective than traditional housing models because housing stability creates an immediate reduction in utilization of expensive community services such as police, emergency rooms, and crisis services. 

There is a plethora of research on Housing First. Check it out!

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